Welcome at Fleur Kortekaas Health.

Fleur Kortekaas Health is a company based in The Netherlands.

Fleur Kortekaas Health offers company’s, institutions and health care professionals consultancy, education and research scientific services within the field of nutrition and integrative medicine. Services are available in the Dutch and English language.

Fleur Kortekaas Health services consist of:

  • e-learning education in Evidence Based Practice for health care professionals
  • scientific information services in nutrition and integrative medicine
  • desk-top research on the scope of scientific evidence in health and nutrition
  • scientific writing on nutraceutical and integrative health topics
  • consultancy in nutraceutical food supplement product development
  • consultancy and assistance in the design and execution of research projects in complementary and integrative health
  • translating services in scientific information

For enquiries, feel free to place your request through the contact form.