about Fleur

“My work consists of knowledge development and knowledge utilization. Translating complex scientific information to different levels of communicable messages is the heart of what my work is about.

People know me as quiet, always thoroughly prepared, service driven, enthusiastic and friendly. A creative personality focused on innovation of knowledge. Always working from a consultancy perspective.

Through the provision of accurate knowledge, I hope to be of meaning to people, bringing them into contact with the impact nutrition has for their health.

Starting points in the cooperation are professionalism, transparency en thorough work “

Fleur Kortekaas



Fleur Kortekaas, MSc (Minnapolis, 1968) is a clinical epidemiologist and naturopathic doctor.
Her expertise is in the field of nutrition, integrative medicine and health.
During the course of fifteen years she worked in the food supplement industry in R&D and scientific services positions. She works freelance providing scientific information services within her field of expertise to health care professionals and companies. She teaches nutrition, research methodology and evidence based practice at different institutions for higher education.

Fleur Kortekaas studied Evidence-based practice at the department of Clinical Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Bioinformatics at the University of Amsterdam.
Her naturopathic study was followed at the Dutch College for Naturopathy and consisted of herbal medicine, homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine.